Friday Five: Kids Activities

Fit Mom, Kristy, gave me the idea for my Friday Five this week! I like to keep a basket of goodies at home to pull out when my boys need some new entertainment. I don’t keep this basket out all the time. I put it away in the closet, and when the kids need a little help entertaining themselves, I get it back out. That way it’s new every time they see it. 🙂

This week I made a Target run to replenish my stash, and here’s what I picked up! 

➜ My kiddos love to color and draw, however, they sure are messy! I always buy washable markers because they really are washable. I’ve had marker on my walls, on multiple couches and on clothing, and I’ve been able to get it out every time with a wet washcloth or a magic eraser. Now that I have a little one close to entering kindergarten, I also love to buy activity books so he can practice his reading and writing.
➜ These were a recommendation from Fit Mom, Kristy. My boys love playing with bubble guns and the ones that we had recently quit working. I’ll have take some pictures of these when we get them out this weekend because they sound super fun.
➜ We always have fun with sidewalk chalk, although since we live in California, what we draw usually lasts for months so we run out of real estate. 🙂 Last time we got out the chalk I drew a hopscotch and the boys loved learning how to do it.
➜ It’s been a few years since I’ve played with water balloons, so when a friend of mine brought them over a few weeks ago for the kids, I was shocked by how much easier it is to fill them now. The last time I had water balloons I had to fill up each balloon individually with the water faucet! Now, you can fill 20-30 up at one time! It’s amazing!
➜ Have you ever let your kids have a glow bath? Fit Mom, Kristy, gave me this wonderful idea and I can’t wait to let my boys have one soon. I mean, how fun does that sound?!?!
I also tried to grab some new Water Wows because my boys love the ones we have, but they didn’t have any in stock! These are perfect for plane rides and road trips!!
What kinds of activities do your kids enjoy? I’d love to hear them in the comments below or on Facebook.
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